Find A Conservative Is Live!

It’s alive! . . . well, sorta.

Welcome to the first post of our blog Lost & Found.

Our goal is to provide updates on the development of the site. is still under-construction.

Here is our short-term To-Do List

  • Filtered searches – Right now, we only have a text search set-up, but shortly you will be able to filter by MP, Riding, Province, Association, or Social Media.
  • Update the Profiles – We are still adding contact details to the Associations and we are always on the hunt for updated links to social media for Members of Parliament.
  • Styling & Visual Identity – The site is still very much a blank canvas. Making the site useful has been prioritized over style, but we hope to have some big updates ready by the time you check back in in the new year.

Over the medium term we have some very big plans for the profile pages and as well as adding information on Provincial Parties and Provincial Associations.

In the hopefully not to distant future will be be able to launch, our idea for an open source conservative community driven project. If you think you might be interested in joining the Project, please contact us.

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