Why a Find A Conservative Project?

With the explosion in popularity of social media, Conservatives have more and more online properties. Finding all of them can be difficult for Canadians.

Putting them into one searchable website makes it easier to find and share Conservatives politicians, Conservative Associations, and Conservative Campus Clubs.

The growth in online advocacy has also seen an increased mobilization of left-wingers and socialists online. They are using digital tools to attack Conservatives at all levels of government.

Proud Canadian conservatives need to be able to come together and mobilize online to fight these attacks, but first they have to find each other. seeks to be your resource for finding information on Canadian Conservatives.

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Find A Conservative is not affiliated with Conservative Party of Canada.

How can you help The Find A Conservative Project?

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If you find a broken link, or a new Conservative website, social media site, or page, please, send us the link.

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