Schemas and Redistributions

I have left a significant gap since the last project update, but with the upcoming Convention, it is time to give another update and help motivate me to carry on.

It is time to lay a path out for Find A Conservative and the baby steps to get us down the path.

First I’ll break down and describe the big chunks of the project adopting terminology of developers.

Find A Conservative Beta

You are looking at it! It was supposed to be a place where you could find the contact data on Conservative Associations and connect Conservative MPs with their Associations.

Find A Conservative v.1.0

The next edition of Find A Conservative will be updated with the new ridings, new and reconstituted Conservative Associations, and extensive updates to the Members information. The goal is to provide map each with the appropriate schema and create the proper relationships between Riding ( ), Association  ( ), Party Association  ( )  and Member ( ).

Version 1 will be ready when the above is complete and searchable

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