Order Update

I am now just procrastinating on the next batch of ridings, but at least it is in service to a higher goal, structure!

In preparation for the new theme I updated all of the posts for the EDA’s, Clubs, and MP’s to conform to a proper HTML5 format and h-entry classes.

Then I made the Archives Page. It has the benefit of all the pretty schemas mark-up but it helped me to better determine the overall structure of the site going forward.

The Structure

The site can be broken down by post types, and taxonomies.

The post types contain the data for individual things (Person, Organization, Place) and have relationships with with each other, while the taxonomies are used to group subsets or cross-sets of the different post formats.

The site uses two major methods for grouping, classifying, and coding the data,‘s microdata and microformats.

The Post Format

The post format will be used to display the basic requirements of the thing and satisfy the h-entry requirements. The post format will be used to display the thing on the major categories for the things, ie taxonomy archives.

Post Type Post Type Custom Category Taxonomy Post Type Custom Tag Taxonomy Schema h-format
CPC Members Caucus EC, Tags h-card
EDA Provincial Desk EC, Tags h-card p-org
Riding Province EC h-adr
Campus Geography h-card p-org

The List Format

Nobody wants to click through page archives so for the individual post archives, ie /eda/ or /cpc-member/ I’lll have to create a properly formatted list to display the entries.

Once the basic list view is created it can act as a template for creating other lists based on the data, the twitter lists are good examples.

The Directory Format

The directories are used to provide an at a glance overview in a sortable table of data.

Examples of Directories

  • MP Social Media Table
  • EDA’s Online

The Individual Entry Pages

Once the final theme is established the individual pages for post type will act as a complete h-card for the entry and act as a complete schema for the thing.

The individual pages will use the microfromats to create the structure of the individual pages.


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