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I’ve started the Ontario ridings but there are just so many. I know Ontario is big. I have traveled to every corner, but still, it’s not until you start to edit and add all the ridings that you really appreciate just how many people live in the province.

Facebook Pagination

In order to procrastinate on adding the ridings I need to find something equally critical to update. An important part of the updates I have been doing has been to improve the page load times. The worst offender was the MP’s on Facebook page. It would often just crash your browser window if you were lucky and if unlucky it would crash your entire browser.

The solution was to stop trying to load 160 calls to the Facebook API and keep it to a reasonable 20. While it means you can’t just quickly follow everybody but Facebook actually restricts the number of likes you can make in a short period of time.

Glossary of Tags

With the expansion of the hashtag to Facebook and Google+ and the proliferation of the term into the popular culture, I wanted to use the WordPress tags in a similar fashion to help create a common set of tagging conventions across the internet. Adopting hashtags is an important tool for political communicators and digital political campaigners. One of the best examples of the power of the hashtag is currently being deployed by the Ontario PC’s. When tagged with #pcpo, your tweet appears in the Party’s social stream on

Facebook Featured Image for EDAs

We are almost approaching a commonly adopted featured image format for social media with Facebooks adoption of the featured image sized post. Facebook recommends an image 1200px by 630px. The optimum Twitter header is 1256px by 626px while google+ has changed to feature cover of 1360px by 520px.

Having just produced a slew of Twitter and Google+ Covers for some EDA’s I realized what the new premium EDA Page would look like. So I made some new covers for the pages ideal for sharing. Which forced me to redesign the pages. It will still need some work since it was the last thing I did last night and I likely broke some of the h-card classes and itemprops.

Here is sketch of what I am thinking for the final page. Click on the image to see it in full size or visit one of the featured EDA’s


Note to self: Figure out how to validate large images for Twitter summary cards on the new theme.


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