What’s up with Quebec’s Ridings

Finishing Quebec is taking a lot longer because like Alberta there were a lot of changes. I didn’t need to read the entire ALberta report to know adding 5 ridings to a province with 26 would change a lot, but adding 3 to 75?

As I started making the updates to Quebec, I noticed a large number riding name changes while very little actual boundary adjustments. I decided to read a bit and found this from the final report of the Quebec Commision:

These changes led us to seek new names for a large number of electoral districts and to assign names to the three added electoral districts. We drew on the guidelines of the Geographical Names Board of Canada concerning the selection of names for federal electoral districts

I’m skeptical they needed to make so many changes to the names. They also argued one of the factors in making their decisions on boundaries is “the current trend toward limiting urban sprawl”. Reading the report it sounded like they were being forced to add ridings to the suburbs around Montreal.

If I didn’t know better I would say they were making it harder to find conservatives.

With the name changes, and the likelihood I won’t revisit the Quebec ridings anytime soon, I am taking a bit more time with each riding but I am 1/3 through, and hopefully one big push this afternoon will put me over the top.

My complaints with Quebec’s Commission aside, I don’t envy the task any of the Commissions had.



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