Adding the Nominations

As mentioned in the previous post, I have created a custom post type for nominations. With the help of the Gravity Forms + Custom Post Type plugin I have now created the submit a nomination page and built a custom view to display all the current nominations listed by province under their respective Associations.

I should have done this type of documentation from the start before it got unwieldy but live and learn. Below is a description of the views used on the site. Maybe my next challenge will be to figure out a way to display this information automatically.

Nominees Post Type

Schema Page Name – Nominee Page
hCard Post Name – Nominee Posts
WordPress Archives – Nomination Archives (Displays a table with links to their websites, facebook, and twitter)
Custom Taxonomy Views – To do

Custom Child Views

Association Pages us the view Association Nominees (Displays nominee posts in the Association page Template) using the Nominee Posts content template

The List page uses the view The Subs Site Map – Nominees Child (Nominees ordered by Field – wpcf-nominee-last-name, ascending) is inserted into the content template Nominees Listed. That content template is inserted into Nominees List By EDA (EDAs ordered by post title, ascending) which is inserted into the taxonomy view for Provincial Desks Nominees By Province (This View selects Taxonomy of type Provincial Desks, ordered by Name, ascending)

Custom Fields

Nominee Contestant First Name Nominee Contestant Campaign Address (Street Address)
Nominee Contestant Last Name Nominee Contestant Campaign Address (City)
Nominee Contestant Website Nominee Contestant Campaign Address (Province)
Nominee Contestant Email Nominee Contestant Campaign Address (Postal Code)
Nominee Contestant Facebook Page Nominee Contestant Campaign Phone Number
Nominee Contestant Twitter Page Nominee Contestant Profile Photo
Nominee Contestant Google Plus Page

If you know somebody seeking the nomination, encourage them to submit their profile.


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