Updating the Associations

Over the weekend, Elections Canada updated the EDA records for the 338 ridings. We now have 208 287 of 338 Conservative Associations listed, so it was time to get to work updating the Associations. Cleaning My Mess I did almost break the site adding a bunch of Associations at once, but thankfully that was sorted out. […]


You Break It, You Buy It

I broke my website. I know how I broke my website. I tried to add a bunch of EDAs at once. That worked, but now a number of pages are not working. Basically any page that has to load an EDA won’t display anything. I don’t know how to fix my website, but I have a […]


Adding the Nominations

As mentioned in the previous post, I have created a custom post type for nominations. With the help of the Gravity Forms + Custom Post Type plugin I have now created the submit a nomination page and built a custom view to display all the current nominations listed by province under their respective Associations. I should […]

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Holiday Updates

Over the holidays I slowed down on the updates, but I did introduce some new post types and have begun work on a new custom taxonomy. Sponsored Posts “Sponsored Posts” aka advertisements, now appear around the site. If you would like to advertise on, please feel free to contact me. Nomination Contestants Posts I have […]

What’s up with Quebec’s Ridings

Finishing Quebec is taking a lot longer because like Alberta there were a lot of changes. I didn’t need to read the entire ALberta report to know adding 5 ridings to a province with 26 would change a lot, but adding 3 to 75? As I started making the updates to Quebec, I noticed a […]


Ontario is big

Finished updating the Ontario ridings from S to Y that are continuing to exist. Continuing to work my way up the list, saving the new ridings until afterwards, possibly a bad idea now that I have reached the Mississauga ridings. It is a dense little part of Canada. I’ll have to back to edit some […]


Pagination, Definitions, and Featured Images

I’ve started the Ontario ridings but there are just so many. I know Ontario is big. I have traveled to every corner, but still, it’s not until you start to edit and add all the ridings that you really appreciate just how many people live in the province. Facebook Pagination In order to procrastinate on […]


Order Update

I am now just procrastinating on the next batch of ridings, but at least it is in service to a higher goal, structure! In preparation for the new theme I updated all of the posts for the EDA’s, Clubs, and MP’s to conform to a proper HTML5 format and h-entry classes. Then I made the […]


Style Break

Updating the ridings is tedious so I took a small break to make a few tweaks to the sites layout to make the change to the new theme less jarring for returning visitors and better organize the site. I also updated the buttons for sharing individual pages, but I think the changes I made to […]


Sask and MB

Saskatchewan and Manitoba are all up to date. Need to change urls and add re-directs to: Charleswood—St. James—Assiniboia—Headingley Churchill—Keewatinook Aski Dauphin—Swan River—Neepawa Saint Boniface—Saint Vital Selkirk—Interlake—Eastman


Updating Ridings

I’m updating the ridings to add the new boundaries, additional details, and where possible a comparison of 2003 over 2013. I have also assigned a specific taxonomy based on the old riding codes and the new riding codes. Provinces Completed: Newfoundland Alberta British Columbia To do Create new riding archives for the provincial taxonomy. Set-up […]

Conservatives Campus Clubs

Updating the Campus Clubs

I spent more time than I care to admit working on updating the Campus Clubs but the effort paid off! First, I think they are the best looking posts formats so far, and the page layouts are the most advanced. The campus club individual pages now work as vcards. Random MP Pages might work, but there […]


Schemas and Redistributions

I have left a significant gap since the last project update, but with the upcoming Convention, it is time to give another update and help motivate me to carry on. It is time to lay a path out for Find A Conservative and the baby steps to get us down the path. First I’ll break […]

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The FindAConservative Project was conceived to be a “crowd-sourced” wiki-type project, allowing visitors to submit links, and trusted users to update profiles. Finding a Canadian conservative crowdsourcing website like was truly inspiring. To support and help connect Conservatives, The FindAConservative Project will be seeking support for the continued development of the site through […]

Why a Find A Conservative Project?

With the explosion in popularity of social media, Conservatives have more and more online properties. Finding all of them can be difficult for Canadians. Putting them into one searchable website makes it easier to find and share Conservatives politicians, Conservative Associations, and Conservative Campus Clubs. The growth in online advocacy has also seen an increased mobilization of left-wingers […]


Find A Conservative Is Live!

Welcome to the first post of our blog Lost & Found. Our goal is to provide updates on the development of the site. is still under-construction. Here is our short-term To-Do ListOver the medium term we have some very big plans for the profile pages and as well as adding information on Provincial Parties […]

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