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The University of Calgary Campus Conservative Association strives to bring truth and morality to Canadian politics, to provide for and promote the general principles and platforms of the Conservative Party of Canada, and to secure the presence of the party at the University of Calgary.

We are dedicated to the right-wing cause on campus.

An annual membership is $5 – members will be invited to several social events, enjoy opportunities to get involved with provincial and federal political boards, meet and mingle with elected officials from all levels of government, network with conservative students and movers and shakers in the city, and take part in spreading conservative values on campus.

Young Conservatives at uWindsor.. it’s TRUE!

The University of Windsor Conservative Association is a club for students who support the values of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

Whether you’re looking to learn a bit more or are already a supporter here’s the club for you. We’ll be sure to update this group often to keep you in the loop on upcoming events, opportunities, etc.

The University of Waterloo Conservatives is a student group committed to promoting the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, the Conservative Party of Canada and conservative causes on campus.

The McGill University Conservative Association, also known on campus as Conservative McGill, is the official arm of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) in the McGill community. We are recognized as a Conservative campus organization pursuant to By-Law 2 of the CPC Constitution, and are an active member of the Conservative Party National Campus Network. Our association operates at McGill as a student group of the SSMU (Students’ Society of McGill University).

The Brock Campus Conservatives Association is a political club for all Brock students! Our goal is to promote politics, and increase political interest on and off campus. We are associated with the Ontario Progressive Conservative party and the Conservative Party of Canada through the Ontario PC Campus Association who have clubs across Ontario. We hold a variety of events throughout the year, some being on campus and others off campus and this year we are looking at holding joint events with other Campus Conservatives in the surrounding Niagara Region. On campus we hold two major events throughout the year known as Question Period, one is held in the fall semester which duplicates the Federal government and then another is held in the winter semester duplicating the Provincial government. In February during the winter break at Queen’s Park students from across Ontario gather together there and represent the Liberals, PCs, and NDP in the House and get to act as MPPs in Model Parliament. We also help out the federal and provincial ridings surrounding the university in between elections and especially during elections.

The Queen’s University Conservative Association is a political club that promotes conservative values and ideas on the Queen’s campus.

We attempt to generate dialogue and discussion on issues which are important to students and Canadians.

To help us accomplish this, we host prominent speakers at Queen’s to talk about different issues and topics.

Further, we sponsor events and assist with causes that promote our ideology or raise awareness of issues that we support.

Being a Conservative, it is often difficult to find like minded students on a relatively left-wing campus. The UBC Campus Conservatives serves as a medium for young Conservatives to come together, share ideas, and support local candidates. Many of our members are politically active, having volunteered on numerous Conservative campaigns in Vancouver during the recent federal election. The UBC Campus Conservatives hosts movie nights, events with ministers, and collaborate with other campus conservative clubs, such as the one at Trinity Western University. We strive to engage youth in political thought and give them an alternative to the NDP and the Liberals. We are the Conservative politicians of tomorrow.

The TWU Conservative Club strives to be an educational force on political matters for TWU and the greater community. We aim to provide students with the information and opportunities to form opinions on important issues and become involved in society.

We are Conservative Concordia, a student club regrouping members of the Conservative Party of Canada.

If you love the ideas of small government and low taxes, the Conservative Party is your political home! Here are our values:
  • Limited, constitutional government.
  • Free markets and free enterprise, private ownership and personal responsibility.
  • Equality before the law and a justice system that holds everyone equally accountable, that punishes criminal offenders and that protects the law-abiding.
  • Foreign policy that advances and supports freedom and democracy around the world.
  • Responsible, fact-based stewardship of the environment.
  • Intrinsic value of all human life.
  • Institutions of marriage and the family as the essential building blocks of a free, prosperous and democratic society.
What do we do in our spare time? Informing students about their right to opt-out of some organisations they automatically fund, working to get our ideas getting into policies, having some pubnights and watching James Moore’s favorite movie (Braveheart)!
As a Conservative Concordia member, you will get the opportunity to network with many Conservatives from around the country, including fellow students!  If you enjoy classy events in business suits, you might meet ministers, senators and Members of Parliament in an event!
If this sounds as awesome for you as it is for us, join our club!
Want more information? Stay tuned for future announcements or contact us directly at

The UofM Conservatives are dedicated to the enduring principles of Freedom, Equality, and Respect. We believe that young people can make a difference in building a more hopeful future.

We are a Ryerson University affiliate group dedicated to conservatives of all stripes who want to get together and advance good government policy.
Know of a situation of government waste (any level) you want the world to hear about post your experience on our blog … we would love to hear from you.
Feel free to follow us on twitter at @ryersontories or join our facebook group :!/group.php?gid=183419961291

Support the Guelph Campus Conservatives. Join your fellow Tories on the University of Guelph campus and spread the Conservative Party message

The University of Toronto Campus Conservatives are a diverse and energetic group of students dedicated to advocating for conservative values and ideas on the University of Toronto St. George Campus and in the wider community.

If you want to have a real impact on conservative policy, help get conservatives elected, and enjoy conservative-themed speakers and events, we are your go-to campus organization.

We hope to see you at an event soon!

We are a group of students at York University, Glendon Campus engaged in a forum for discussion and debate on Conservative issues. This group brings together students with similar values, dedicated to representing the ideals of both the Conservative party and conservatives in general by promoting fiscal accountability and progressive social policy…. As a diverse community representing Canada’s regional, cultural and socio-economic variety we act as a mirror of the conservative party on campus. – See more at:

Tired of the mind-numbing socialism of university campuses, professors and students alike? The Laurier Campus Conservatives is the club for you. We hope to serve as the voice of conservative principles and values on campus and networking tool for university students wanting to meet like minded individuals.

We also seek the development of a strong university base of volunteers for local campaigns for both the Conservative Party of Canada and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

The Carleton Campus Conservatives organization is a student-run political club at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. We support the Conservative Party of Canada at the federal level, and we are members of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and the Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association at the provincial level.


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