Calgary Midnapore

About Calgary Midnapore Federal Riding

2013 Riding Details

2013 Riding Number: 48008
2013 FAC Taxonomy (EC): 48008
2013 Riding Population: 111,227
2013 Riding Profile: Calgary Midnapore

2013 Riding Description

Consisting of that part of the City of Calgary described as follows: commencing at the intersection of Macleod Trail S with Glenmore Trail SE (Highway No. 8); thence generally easterly along Glenmore Trail SE (Highway No. 8) to the left bank of the Bow River; thence generally southerly along said bank, including all islands adjacent to the river bank, to the southerly limit of said city; thence southerly, westerly and generally northwesterly along the southerly and westerly limits of said city to 14 Street SW; thence northerly along said street and northerly and easterly along James McKevitt Road SW to Macleod Trail S; thence generally northerly along said trail to the point of commencement.

2003 Riding Details

2003 Riding Number:
2003 FAC Taxonomy (RC):
2003 Riding Population:
2003 Riding Profile: Calgary Midnapore

2003 Riding Description

2003 Riding Map

Riding of Calgary Midnapore (Federal Electoral District), Photo Source

Conservative Association for the riding of Calgary Midnapore

Conservative MP for the riding of Calgary Midnapore

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Conservative Activists in Calgary Midnapore

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Calgary Midnapore,

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